Vivax kanalni klima uređaj ACP-18DT50AERI R32, inv., 5,67 kW


We recommend the Vivax duct air conditioner ACP-18DT50AERI R32 with a nominal cooling capacity of 5.28 kW and a nominal heating capacity of 5.67 kW as a solution for air conditioning smaller business and residential premises. Although of large capacity compared to the competition, the energy class A ++ in cooling and A + in heating will enable very favorable cooling and heating. Ecological gas R32 will enable the preservation of the environment according to all European Union standards. In addition to saving energy and preserving the environment, very quiet operation will allow for a smooth stay in the space. Use Turbo mode to achieve the desired temperature very quickly and sleep mode when you want exceptional quiet operation. The active carbon filter and dust filter on the indoor unit will allow you to have clean air in the room, while the compressor and condenser heaters will enable uninterrupted operation in extreme winter conditions with a high capacity of up to -20 ° C. Install the optional wired steering wheel included in the package as well as the condensate drain pump for trouble-free operation. A special feature of this device is that it can be installed both on the floor and on the roof, depending on the installation options and user needs. Gdje kupiti
Osnovne karakteristike
Rashladno sredstvo:R32
Funkcionalnosti:Turbo mode
Buka - UJ:33
Predviđeno opterećenje pri gri:4.3
Jačina zvuka pri standardnim u:59
Jačina zvuka pri standardnim u:63
Max. dužina cijevi:30
Max. visinska razlika:20
Prednapunjena dužina cijevi:5
Nadopuna rashladnog medija:12
Vrsta uređaja:Kanalna mono spilt jedinica
Dimenzije i masa
Razmak nosača vanjske jedinice:514
Neto težina:65.2
Ostale karakteristike
Protok zraka:880
Kapacitet odvlaživanja:1.8
Buka - VJ:62
Područje rada u modu grijanja:-20≤T≤30
Energija i potrošnja
Nominalni kapacitet hlađenja:5.28
Nominalni kapacitet grijanja:5.86
Energetska klasa grijanja:A+
EER koeficijent:0
COP koeficijent:0
Nominalna ulazna snaga hlađenj:1630
Nominalna ulazna snaga grijanj:1460
Energetska klasa hlađenja:A++
SEER koeficijent:6.1
SCOP koeficijent:4
Područje rada u modu hlađenja:-15≤T≤50
Minimalni kapacitet hlađenja:2.55
Maksimalni kapacitet hlađenja:5.69
Minimalni kapacitet grijanja:2200
Maksimalni kapacitet grijanja:6.15
Boja uređaja:Bijela
Promjer cijevi tekuće faze:1/4
Promjer cijevi plinske faze:1/2
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