If you have so far avoided coffee machines due to their size, weight or searching for a special coffee filling, you will surely love our new Vivax coffee maker CM-700TG. Its small dimensions and weight make it easy to handle and place on the work surface, together with simple cleaning and removal of the filter. Coffee maker in modern black and metal design is provided with a special "Coffee to go" thermo cup with a lid capacity of 0.47 l. The cup keeps the temperature of the beverage at 70 degrees for 1 hour wherever you go. Let's say, from home to work? Ideal for relaxed cruising in your car through the morning traffic jam. 😊 The cup dimensions are also tailored to most car glass holders. In order to always have freshly prepared coffee, you have 24h coffee maker programmability at your disposal. This option allows you to set the time for automatic coffee preparation. Simply use the HOUR and MIN buttons to set the time when you want the coffee to be ready. Use your favorite rough or fine minced coffee for a filter coffee machine or turkey coffee for preparation. Make stronger or lighter coffee by placing the desired amount of coffee in the filter over the amount of water. Use a cup that comes with the appliance or another cup, if desired, with the same capacity as poured water in coffee maker. With blue LED display you can monitor the operation of the coffee maker. It shows the exact time, hours and minutes, as well as options for automatic coffee preparation, together with green and red LED status indicators. The thermal protection switch triggers automatic shutdown of the device, thus preventing overheating. Experience a new way of preparing your favorite beverage...  Small device dimensions and practicality  Coffee to go thermo cup with lid  Automatic preparation of coffee  Use of minced coffee for preparation  Automatic shutdown and overheating protection  Blue LED display with LED status indicators  Capacity 0.47 l  700 W power Where to buy
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