Vivax S design series 7,62kw, ACP-24CH70AESI


Check out why Vivax are the best selling air conditioners in Croatia. The S design series represents something completely new on the market of air conditioning. Very simple installation, easy maintenance and easy to clean, saving both your time and your money. The special 3D inverter technology allows for significant energy savings, quiet operation and long-lasting quality. The indoor unit has a bio filter which makes it extremely suitable for people sensitive to polluted air while outside there is a completely new design that is now even quieter and more resistant to external influences. All this is in energy class A++ for cooling and A+ for heating. The aesthetic avant-garde appearance and innovative design allows you to separate from other users as confirmed by the international award for design from 2015. Where to buy
Eco refrigerant:R410A
Functionality:Turbo mode, auto mode, auto restart, samodijagnostika kvarova, sleep mode, soft start, timer
Noise of indoor unit [dB(A)]:47
Functions:Isušivač preostale vlage, Pokretanje pri niskom naponu, Zaštita ventila vanjske jedinice, 8 degree heating, GOOD AWARD DESIGN
Design load for heating:5,6
Sound power level of indoor unit [dB]:61
Sound power level of outdoor unit [dB]:65
Other:LED ekran, bio filtar, dust filtar
Airflow [m3/h]:1176
Dehumidifying capacity [l/h]:2,4
Noise of outdoor unit [dB(A)]:61
Working range [°C]:-15°C≤T≤50°C
Cooling capacity [kW]:7,03
Heating capacity [kW]:7,62
Heating energy class:A+
EER coefficient:0
COP coefficient:0
Input power of cooling [W]:2306
Input power of heating [W]:2302
Cooling energy class:A++
SEER coefficient:6,4
SCOP coefficient:4
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