Vivax Portable air conditioner ACP-12CH35AEH


Take action immediately and take advantage of the portable air conditioner. After a few simple steps of installation, your device is ready to use and you can feel free to cool your room. Vivax portable air conditioner ACP-12PT35AEH is adorned with the additional benefit that the collected condensate is not necessary to dispose as it evaporates with warm air through a hose that you connect to the device. The AEF series will cool your space in a very short time with very low consumption of electricity because it is in the A energy class and when not in use, it has a consumption of only 0.5W. Thanks to the compact layout and small dimensions, it will not take up too much of your space and is ideal for smaller areas. Where to buy
Cooling capacity [kW]: 3,5
Heating capacity [kW]: 0
Eco refrigerant: R410A
Heating energy class: A
EER coefficient: 2,6
COP coefficient: 0
Functionality: 0,5W standby, Memory function (auto-restart), Anti Cool Air design, Dehumidifying, 24h Timer, Sleep mode, LED display, Self Diagnosis, Omni-directional caster, Self-evaporative System
Cooling energy class: A
Functions: Cooling only
SEER coefficient: 0
SCOP coefficient: 0
Design load for heating: 0
Sound power level of indoor unit [dB]: 64
Sound power level of outdoor unit [dB]: 0
Input power of cooling [W]: 1010
Input power of heating [W]: 0
Airflow [m3/h]: 370
Dehumidifying capacity [l/h]: 1
Noise of indoor unit [dB(A)]: 51
Noise of outdoor unit [dB(A)]: 0
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