Vivax Portable air conditioner ACP-12CH35AEF


Take action immediately and take advantage of the portable air conditioner. After a few simple steps of installation, your device is ready to use and you can feel free to cool your room. Vivax portable air conditioner ACP-12PT35AEF is adorned with the additional benefit that the collected condensate is not necessary to dispose as it evaporates with warm air through a hose that you connect to the device. The AEF series will cool your space in a very short time with very low consumption of electricity because it is in the A energy class and when not in use, it has a consumption of only 0.5W. Where to buy
Cooling capacity [kW]: 3,5
Heating capacity [kW]: 0
Eco refrigerant: R410A
Heating energy class: A
EER coefficient: 2,6
COP coefficient: 0
Functionality: 0,5W standby, Memory function (auto-restart), Anti Cool Air design, Dehumidifying, 24h Timer, Sleep mode, LED display, Self Diagnosis, Omni-directional caster, Self-evaporative System
Cooling energy class: A
Functions: Cooling only
SEER coefficient: 0
SCOP coefficient: 0
Design load for heating: 0
Sound power level of indoor unit [dB]: 64
Sound power level of outdoor unit [dB]: 0
Input power of cooling [W]: 1010
Input power of heating [W]: 0
Airflow [m3/h]: 370
Dehumidifying capacity [l/h]: 1
Noise of indoor unit [dB(A)]: 51
Noise of outdoor unit [dB(A)]: 0
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