Vivax Cassette type air conditioner ACP-42CC120AERI


 Vivax cassette air conditioner ACP-42CC120AERI with nominal cooling capacity of 12,31kw and nominal heating capacity of 13,48kW is recommended as a solution for air conditioning large commercial and residential spaces. Although it has a large capacity, the energy class A++ for cooling and A+ for heating will enable very convenient cooling and heating. The ecological gas of R410A will allow environment protection according to all standards of the European Union. In addition to energy saving and environmental protection, its quiet performance will enable an undisturbed stay in the room. Use the Turbo mode to quickly reach the desired temperature and the sleep mode when you want extraordinary quiet performance. The active carbon filter and dust filter on the indoor unit will allow clean air in the space while the compressor and condenser heater allow smooth operation in extreme winter conditions with a high capacity even at -15 °C. Install also an additional wired controller that comes in the package as well as the drain pump for smooth operation. A special feature of this device is that it has the ability to exhaust air in all directions and therefore the speed of cooling and heating is even greater. Also, the air conditioner has the possibility of a fresh air supply outside the space. Where to buy
Cooling capacity [W]: 1231(3220-13190)
Heating capacity [W]: 13480(2930-14650)
Refrigerant: R410
Energy class (cooling/heating): A+/A+
Energy efficiency (EER/COP): 5,60/4,00
Functionality: Additional Wired Controller, High Efficiency, Self Diagnosis, 1W standby, Valve Protection Cover, Heating operating temperature range -15°C, Cooling operating temperature range -15°C, Condenser and Compressor’s Heaters, Built-in Drain Pump
Input power of cooling [W]: 4090(1070-5070)
Input power of heating [W]: 3535(975-5230)
Airflow [m3/h]: ≤1850
Dehumidifying capacity [l/h]: 4,2
Noise of indoor unit [dB(A)]: ≤52
Noise of outdoor unit [dB(A)]: ≤63
Diameter connection pipe ["]: 3/8
Diameter pipe gas phase ["]: 5/8
Connection wire [mm2]: 2x0.75
Power supply: indoor:220~240-1-50 ; outdoor:380~415-3-50
Max.lenght of pipe [m]: 65
Max.height difference [m]: 30
Chargeless pipe length [m]: 5
Supplement gas [g/m]: 40
Wall bracket distance [mm]: 673
Working range (outdoor temperature) [°C]: -15°C≤T≤50°C
Indoor unit dimensions [mm]: 840x840x287(UJ), 950x950x55(P)
Outdoor unit dimensions [mm]: 946x410x810
Weight of indoor unit [kg]: 26,1(UJ), 5,0kg(P)
Weight of outdoor unit [kg]: 91
Warranty [months]: 36
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