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VIVAX AIR CONDITIONING DEVICES are available in all better technical equipment stores and specialized air conditioning services. From now, control VIVAX air conditioners via smartphone from anywhere and anytime. Did you forget to turn off your air conditioner, or maybe you want to walk into pleasantly cooled home when you come back from work or trip? That is not a problem anymore. VIVAX Wi-Fi allows you to turn on and off your air conditioner where ever you are.

This enables much greater energy efficiency with super-quiet operation (from 20dB (A)).Following the market trends, development team of Vivax products made step forward and connected devices with smartphones and tablets. With that, Croatian brand stood next to world leading producers of air conditioners. Currently, you can find „smart air conditioners“ on the market, but future plan is to connect all other devices into connected system. From now on, you can control Vivax air conditioners via smartphone applications in any moment, even if you are not near the device.

Innovation, following trends, strict quality control and modern design of products that can be fit into any space along with price range affordable to everyone, is moto of Vivax team. Therefore, the fact that Vivax air conditioners took significant market share that is growing year in year out is no surprise. VIVAX inverter mono split air conditioners from AEHI and AECI series have new possibility of expanding functions via Wi-Fi module, allowing them to be connected to home network. Thanks to this function, when you are connected to your home Wi-Fi network, your smartphone can act as a remote, with added bonus of not having to be in same room while controlling the device. For example, you can turn on your air conditioners in upstairs bedroom from anywhere inside your apartment or house, without the need to walk upstairs in bedroom. However, if you are out of reach of your home network, you can still control your air conditioner via applications (Play store / App Store) on your smartphone connected to 3G, 4G or any other Wi-Fi network. That allows you to turn on your air conditioner even when you are at work, before you head home, so you walk into pleasantly cooled home.

On mobile application, which can be downloaded freely on Play store for devices using Android and on App store for Apple devices using iOS, user has following information:

  • if air conditioner is turned on or off
  • current room temperature
  • external temperature on external unit
  • air conditioner works in temperature range from -15°C to +50°C and user has information on which temperature air conditioner currently operates
  • work mode – air conditioner can work in heating, cooling, dehumidification or ventilation modes. These modes can be changed via application
  • ventilator work speed – speed at which ventilators are working can be set (low, mid and high)
  • setting desired room temperature

Application can be downloaded on:

It is important to note that with help of one device (smartphone or tablet) and application, it is possible to control multiple devices, for example apartment and room renters can control all air conditioners with ease.

One more important note is that every air conditioner can have its custom name in application (for example air conditioner in room 12 can be named ROOM12) for easier management

Benefits arising from the WiFi management:

  • For individuals, this additional comfort that allows them to bring the living space to desired level of comfort before arriving in it (for example heating weekend houses day before arrival for more enjoying stay)
  • For users who use air conditioning as additional offer in tourism, owners have complete insight and control over air conditioners their users use, as well as having information of it's use and to what extent is it used. Also, with this control and smart usage significant energy and money savings can be achieved.

U ponudi Vivax klima su 4 grupe klima uređaja:

Vivax air conditioners are characterized by modern design, while their energy efficiency follows all legal requirements of environmental protection and permitted noise levels. All Vivax air conditioners have A++ energy efficiency in cooling mode and A+ in heating mode. Almost every Vivax wall mono split devices use 3D DC inverter technology, meaning that device has DC inverter compressor motor, inverter DC fan motor of the outdoor unit and DC inverter fan motor of indoor unit.

This enables much greater energy efficiency along with super-quiet operation (from 20dB (A)).

Vivax air conditioners are available in the M SAN Group partner channel, with prices, compared to characteristics, very favorable therefore offering the best price-quality ratio.

Innovations from Vivax will not stop with this. Developing new products and following trends will result in new, innovative products complemented with modern and functional design.

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