The product line Vivax IMAGO includes LED TVs. Just as IMAGO means image, Vivax LED Imago TV means perfect picture on Vivax LED TVs. Vivax LED TVs have a modern design whereas the modern technology of products enables superb functionality and quality. The devices are manufactured under control of Croatian experts and most importantly, are MANUFACTURED IN CROATIA following the HIGHEST STANDARDS OF QUALITY and EUROPEAN CERTIFICATION. Each product is subject to multiple QUALITY CONTROL. Vivax LED TVs are reliable, attractive, affordable for everyone, and the assured service support and quality guarantee makes them desirable for any home.


Production of LED TVs

M SAN Grup started with the production of LED TVs. LED TVs are manufactured in our factory in Rugvica.

During production highest quality standards are followed, and according to all European certificates, each product is subject to multiple 100% quality control.
Whole production process is followed by lead group of experts. Sizes of LED TVs that we manufacture vary between 22" and 55". Vivax strategy is based on tested and well-known technologies. Vivax's goal is making products that are reliable, attractive and affordable to every customer thanks to their accessible price.
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